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CorningWare Etch Ramekins 7OZ Brick - 2 CT - 2.0 CT

Paper, Cleaning & Home
Kitchen Accessories

We cut through all the fluff to get at what really matters... nutrition.

All food products are scored from 0 - 100 based on their nutrition value.


Warnings: All Corningware® Stoneware Bakeware Items Are Breakable. Failure To Follow These Instructions My Result In Personal Injury Or Property Damage. Do Not Use On Stovetop, Under A Broiler/griller, Under A Microwave Browning Element, In A Toaster Oven, On Or Near Any Other Direct Heating Source Such As Range Heat Vents, Open Flames, Etc (1) Avoid Sudden Temperature Changes. Do Not Add Liquid To A Hot Stoneware Item, Place A Hot Stoneware Item On A Wet Surface, Or Handle With A Wet Or Cold Cloth. (1) Handle Hot Stoneware Items With A Dry Cloth Or Potholder. Do Not Use To Microwave Popcorn Or To Hold Or Support Popcorn Bags, Microwave Convenience Foods With Special Browning Wrappers, Etc. Some Convenience Food Packaging Is Designed To Heat Rapidly In A Microwave Oven And May Cause Breakage. Do Not Heat An Empty Vessel Or A Small Amount Of Food In A Microwave Oven. Bakeware May Become Too Hot To Handle, Crack Or Break. Do Not Use Or Repair Any Item That Is Chipped, Cracked Or Severely Scratched. (1). Do Not Abuse By Dropping Or Hitting Against A Hard Object. Do Not Use Abrasive Cleaners, Scouring Pads, Or Any Object That Will Scratch Stoneware Items. Place On A Dry Placemat Or Tablecloth To Avoid Scratching Surfaces. The Bottom Of Stoneware Items May Be Rough. (1). Do Not Use Any Stoneware Items Mistreated In This Manner.

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