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D-Con Rait & Mouse Bait Blocks II Rodent Control - 8 CT - 5.6 OZ

Paper, Cleaning & Home
Hardware & Home Needs

We cut through all the fluff to get at what really matters... nutrition.

All food products are scored from 0 - 100 based on their nutrition value.


Active Ingredient: Difethialone - 0.0025%, Inert Ingredients: 99.9975%, Total: - 100.0000%.


Keep Out Or Reach Of Children. Caution: See Back Panel For Additional Precautionary Statements. Precautionary Statements: Hazard To Humans And Domestic Animals. Caution: Keep Away From Children, Domestic Animals And Pets. May Be Harmful If Swallowed Or Absorbed Through The Skin Because It May Reduce The Clotting Ability Of Blood And Cause Bleeding. Avoid Contact With Eyes, Skin Or Clothing. Wash Arms, Hands And Face With Soap And Water After Applying And Before Eating And Smoking. First Aid: Have This Label With You When Obtaining Treatment Advice. If Swallowed: Call A Poison Control Center Or Doctor Immediately For Treatment Advice. Have Person Sip A Glass Of Water If Able To Swallow. Do Not Induce Vomiting Unless Told To Do So By The Poison Control Center Or Doctor. Do Not Give Anything By Mouth To An Unconscious Person. If In Eyes: Hold Eye Open And Rinse Slowly And Gently With Water For 15-20 Minutes. Remove Contact Lenses, If Present, After First 5 Minutes, Then Continue Rinsing Eye. Call A Poison Control Center Or Doctor For Treatment Advice. If On Skin Or Clothing: Take Off Contaminated Clothing. Rinse Skin Immediately With Plenty Of Water For 15-20 Minutes. Call A Poison Control Center Or Doctor For Treatment Advice. Note To Physician Or Veterinarian: Contains Difethialone, An Anticoagulant. For Humans Or Dogs That Have Ingested This Product, Or Have Obvious Poisoning Symptoms (bleeding) Or Lowered Prothrombin Times, Give Vitamin K1 By Intramuscular Or Oral Administration. Check Prothrombin Time Every 3 Days Until Values Return To Normal. Environmental Hazards: This Product Is Toxic To Fish And Wildlife. Predatory And Scavenging Mammals And Birds Might Be Poisoned If They Feed Upon Animals That Have Eaten The Bait. Do Not Apply Directly To Water, Or To Areas Where Surface Water Is Present Or To Intertidal Areas Below The Mean High Water Mark. Storage And Disposal: Do Not Contaminate Water, Food Or Feed By Storage Or Disposal. This Is A Nonrefillable Container. Storage: Store In Original Container In A Cool, Dry Place Inaccessible To Children And Pets. Pesticide Disposal: Wastes Resulting From The Use Of This Product May Be Disposed Of On Site Or At An Approved Waste Disposal Facility. Container Disposal: Do Not Reuse Or Refill This Container. Offer For Recycling If Available Or Dispose Of Empty Container In A Sanitary Landfill, Or By Incineration, Or If Allowed By State And Local Authorities, By Burning. If Burned, Stay Out Of Smoke.

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